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A Wine Club for Wine Adventurers!

If you’re looking at this page, you’re most likely already a customer who knows that we pride ourselves on tailoring wine to taste profiles, food, events, as gifts, or to expand your palate. 

This wine club is mostly for people who want to expand their palate and stretch their knowledge of wine. 

You will receive three wines in total every month, delivered, shipped, or for pickup: one bottle may come from the store’s current inventory, but always at least two bottles, and sometimes all three, will be wines that we source outside the store just for wine club members to fit a theme, and we will provide accompanying educational literature on the selections (you can read samples by clicking below on past themes). 


Terms and Conditions


By enrolling, you are authorizing a charge of $75 plus tax and shipping and handling. The payment method that you use will be kept on file and charged on the last day of each month. You can cancel by calling +1-347-689-2660 or emailing info@amarobrooklyn.com no less than five business days before the last day of each month. 

The selection of the three wines every month is the result of rigorous tasting and thinking around the effort, so this club is for the faithful who trust our curation. But don’t worry, we will be rolling out more wine clubs with different types of flexibility and choice. For this first one, though, you’re stuck with our expertise. 

On that note, there are no refunds for wine that you do not like. If a bottle is faulty (e.g., corked), of course we will replace it. Bring it over and we’ll taste it, even a few days later, to make sure that it is faulty. Otherwise, we’re so confident in our selections that we guarantee that if you don’t like it, it will please at least one of your neighbors or friends. Rush it right over to them. This wine club is about experimentation and expanding your palate. Not everybody’s palate is the same. But good wine is good wine. 

Click below to see our Wine Club selections and requisite literature from past months