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Event Planning

Let Amaro Spirits and Wine help you plan the libations for your next event, big or small! We have experience furnishing the drinking essentials for small dinner parties, progressive dinner parties (yes, we're talking to you, school fundraiser event people!) big dinner events, luncheons, tasting events, weddings, anniversaries, gallery openings -- you name it, we've done it, or, if we haven't, we'll have informed opinions.


And best yet, we have a certified Sommelier on staff who will help you pick and source wine and spirits (whether we're talking about pairing with food, blending with music, or targeting a certain type of guest). We'll figure it out with an interview, or if you want us to run with it based on a description, we have more than enough confidence to do you righteous.   


Covered topics include

  • type of event
  • types of attendees
  • quantity consultation (how many bottles to keep the guests interested)
  • food pairing
  • proper serving technique
  • temperature
  • and more, depending on your unique situation/event

Lastly, we can also have you curate the selection with your own tastebuds with bottles that we'll offer to you at wholesale price. And for a large event, we can do an in-store tasting free of charge.

For questions and consultation, contact info@amarobrooklyn.com