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A neighborhood wine shop and a destination spirits store.


We want Amaro Spirits & Wine to be your grocery store for good wine at all price levels as well as a destination spot for unique (and standard) spirits.


Our selection of wine emphasizes the winemaker and sustainable farming, so naturally we tend to prioritize small producers who put their heart and livelihood into their product.


Pairing food with our wine is also a priority, so don’t hesitate to tell us what you’re eating, and we’ll hook you up with some suggestions. And if you’re not in the mood to interact, you’ll also find detailed descriptions of each wine that include suggested food pairings.


On the spirits side, our name gives away our specialization. The “amaro” is more than a spirits category; it’s a centuries-old culture of herb-based tonics meant to either stimulate or calm the digestive system. If you’re not already a believer, come see how this type of spirit can stretch your palate and civilize your stomach.


“Amaro” literally means “bitter” in Italian, which is what the core medicinal herbs and roots of these spirits are. But the producers of these spirits, which have ancient versions in almost every European country, combine the bitter medicinal herbs with lots of other herbs, spices, and other botanicals, and add simple syrup or honey to make them more than just medicine. Given their complex and safely guarded recipes, the taste profiles among them vary immensely.




Don’t worry, you nonbelievers, we also have standard spirits, such as gin, vodka, whiskeys, tequila, and liqueurs and we try to keep them interesting.