The Amaro Philosophy


A neighborhood wine shop and a destination spirits store.

We want Amaro Spirits & Wine to be your grocery store for wine. We carefully curate wine representing a wide range of varietals and regions , with an emphasis on natural, minimal intervention winemaking, organic practices, sustainable farming, and we prioritize small producers who put their heart and livelihood into their product.

Wine has been enhancing meals and events for thousands of years, and we want to help you pair it with what you’re eating and who you’re eating it with. 

We believe spirits also increase the enjoyment of “the table”. Amaro Spirits & Wine specializes in a centuries-old culture of herb-based spirits designed to stimulate and calm the digestive system. If you’re not already a believer, the “amaro” is ready to stretch your palate and civilize your stomach.

“Amaro,” which literally means “bitter” in Italian is a specific classification of liquor comprising herbs, roots, and spices that are infused, distilled or macerated on a distilled alcohol or fortified wine base at various stages of their production. Given that each amaro has a guarded recipe that ranges from 20 to 60 ingredients, the taste profiles among them vary immensely. DRINK BETTER; DRINK BITTER.

Regarding standard spirits, such as gin, vodka, whiskeys, tequila, and liqueurs, we default to the small producer when possible, but also to the local market in order to support our distilleries and farmers that are committed to their craft and the economic sustainability of our communities.