If a store can make new year resolutions, here is the Amaro Spirits & Wine list of resolutions were:

  1. Launch a website to make it easier for everybody to shop, know what we’re tasting, and learn more about amari.
  2. Get a loyalty program in place – we have loyal customers who are way past due for some free wine!
  3. Roll out our delivery service (and offer through the website).

So here we are writing this in early April and we’ve accomplished two out of three. Not too shabby. You’re reading our website, so that’s done, and we have a loyalty program going. If you haven’t signed up, please do so next time you’re in the store. We purposely made it as simple as possible — a one time sign-up that requires just your name and either a phone number or email address and that’s all you’ll ever have to do from then on. You will accumulate points for every purchase you make until you qualify for $16 off your next purchase. Or if you want to keep going, you can get a cool $40 off your next purchase, which, if we were you, we would use to buy that bottle of wine or spirit that we usually consider off-limits for our wine/spirits budget.

Ok, so the delivery service is not there yet. To be clear, though, WE DO CURRENTLY DELIVER! However, at the moment, you have to either pay over the phone or in-store. Our hope is to soon give you the capability to make the transaction all on this website. We’ll get there. In the meantime, if you live within a half mile of the store, we’ll run anything over a two bottles to your house or business.

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